Thunder Bulbs

Code: SPCB1201 H1 White
Code: SPCB1202 H3 White
Code: SPCB1203 H4 White
Code: SPCB1204 H7 White
Code: SPCB1205 H13 White
Code: SPCB1207 HB4 White
Code: SPCB1209 HB3 White
Code: SPCB1210 H8 White
Code: SPCB1211 H9 White
Code: SPCB1212 H11 White
  • Performance style Headlights with tinted blue glass for an ice blue shine
  • Brighter, wider lights on the road
  • 4.000K day light white Colour
  • Anti-dazzling
  • Straight light
  • UV-stop, reduce radiation, product lighting fixture rom aging
  • White light performance
  • ECE Certified

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