Flat Wiper Blade

Code: SPW212 Black 12"
Code: SPW213 Black 13"
Code: SPW214 Black 14"
Code: SPW215 Black 15"
Code: SPW216 Black 16"
Code: SPW217 Black 17"
Code: SPW218 Black 18"
Code: SPW219 Black 19"
Code: SPW220 Black 20"
Code: SPW221 Black 21"
Code: SPW222 Black 22"
Code: SPW223 Black 23"
Code: SPW224 Black 24"
Code: SPW226 Black 26"
Code: SPW228 Black 28"

• One universtal adaptor fits most vehicles including American, European and Japanese cars.
• Aerodynamic design, high performance at superhighway speed.
• Easy to install for most type of wiper arms.
• Strong durability in scraping water, no vibration and no noise.
• High quality of frame and rubber edge resistance to all weather.


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