Flat Wiper Blade

Code: SPC1020F Black 12"
Code: SPC1021F Black 14"
Code: SPC1022F Black 16"
Code: SPC1023F Black 17"
Code: SPC1024F Black 18"
Code: SPC1025F Black 19"
Code: SPC1026F Black 20"
Code: SPC1027F Black 21"
Code: SPC1028F Black 22"
Code: SPC1029F Black 23"
Code: SPC1030F Black 24"
Code: SPC1031F Black 26"
Code: SPC1037F Black 28"
  • Multi-claw Curved design: Unique for maximum contact with today's highly curved windscreens
  • High-Strength Polymer hinged shell protects the Wiper blade from the environment
  • Aero-Dynamic design
  • Wiping element infused with exclusive coating technology surface protector for a smoother, quieter, cleaner wipe
  • Symmetrical structure design

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