Interior Accessories


The average car owner spends about 1,100 hours a year at the wheel; over a lifetime, this number can exceed 50,000 hours. For professional drivers whose work is to drive eight plus hours a day - that number is far greater. So, it’s not surprising that people try to upgrade their cars with various interior accessories and make it much more convenient and cozy. If you are one of them, we would recommend you browse the range of our car accessories interior decorations.

Sparco Corsa is your one stop car accessories interior decoration store where you can buy car interior decoration accessories online and find the most cool car interior accessories online within minutes. Our range of products are simply the best car interior accessories and can satisfy even the most demanding customers. There are door style tapes, gear covers, hand brakes, neck pillows, armrests, and many other cool things you’re sure to love. Moreover, all of them are designed by Carpa Design specifically for Sparco - a unique offering that you will not find anywhere else.