Gear Knobs


For a true driving experience, finding a comfortable gear knob is an important thing. When it completely fits your hand, the driving experience steps up to a new level. At the same time, cool gear knobs can easily improve the interior of any car.

If you are looking for the best car gear knobs, look no further than gear knobs from Sparco. This brand is world famous for its products for all types of motorsport from Karting to F1. That’s why more than 300 teams choose Sparco. The selection provides an optimal position of gear knob in the driver’s hand, and makes the gear shift precise and sharp. Sparco Gear Knobs will make you feel like a racing driver in your own car.

You can buy gear knobs from Sparco on our site - Sparco Corsa offers only official products that guarantee originality and top quality. All of our gear knobs are made of premium materials such as solid aluminum and leather. The shapes of knobs are designed by experts with years of experience creating accessories for auto racing.