Floor mats


Auto floor mats carry out two functions at once. The first - they can be a stylish addition to your car’s interior, and the second - they provide comfort to when you’re constantly pressing pedals while driving. Also, a mat helps keep your car’s interior clean, but that mostly depends on you.

Commonly, auto floor mats are divided into three types. There are winter, summer and all-season mats. The main difference is in the materials they are made of. If you are going to buy car mats, we recommend purchasing individual mats for both summer and winter seasons. If you are looking for the best floor mats, you should consider checking out the waterproof car mats from Sparco. But if you’re looking to save on money, you can buy all-season car mats also.

This brand has established itself as a producer of quality and reliable products - more than 300 teams worldwide choose it for durability and reliability. It’s almost difficult to imagine the words Sparco and Motorsport being Separate. Sparco maintains achieving the tradition of creating quality products for ordinary cars too - you can even buy auto floor mats that could be used in a racing car and all at a reasonable price.

On our website, you will find the best car mat prices. Sparco Corsa offers only products licensed by Sparco.