Car Covers


Sunlight, winter’s chill, dust, rain, and birds damage your car. The best way to prevent all of them is to park the car in a garage. However, for some of us, this opportunity is not always available. We provide a simple and affordable solution: Car Covers. So why not buy a car cover?

We offer one of the best car covers - designed by Carpa Design for world-renowned brand Sparco. Even the relatively inexpensive versions are made of high-quality polyester or non-woven materials, and additionally, have a uniquely engineered inner surface that protects your paint from scratches. All of them are waterproof and easy to install on any vehicle. Due to a variety of sizes, you will find a car cover for any type of auto from classic muscle car to a truck or pickups.

On our site you’ll find plenty of car covers for sale. Buying car covers online on Sparco Corsa is fast and convenient and you will certainly find one that fits your car. For every car cover purchase you will also get a special storage box or bag (depending on the product) for easy transporting and storage.