Our 2 in 1 Air Compressor & Vacuum Cleaner is finally ready!

Submitted by guillermo on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 02:17

The wait is over - I’m glad to inform you that our 2 in 1 Air Compressor & Vacuum Cleaner is finally ready!

We have developed this product from an initial concept all the way to reality!  We are delighted with the final product and it’s performance.


Apart from the compact and aesthetic design and multi-functional aspect, it rapidly inflates all tire types, has an emergency auto shut off feature for safe inflating, has a washable HEPA filter and even built-in LED lights.


We are certain that our 2 in 1 will soon be the must-have for your garage!


SPT161 Air Compressor With Vacuum Cleaner

· Multi-functional Air Compressor & Vacuum Cleaner
· Rapid Inflating: 4-5 minutes to inflate any normal car tire
· Quickly inflates all auto, motorcycle, vehicle and bicycle tires
· 12V vacuum cleaner with a washable HEPA filter
· Automatically shut off safety feature makes sure you never    
  over-inflate and damage your tires
· Built-in LED light and red sharp-flash emergency light